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9 Things You Should Never Put in the Refrigerator

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5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

By Ecolife - June 16, 2017

Your dad was one who probably bought you your first soccer ball, the one who stood on the sidelines at your sports games, picked you up from your first party (and probably subsequently scolded you for attending said party), and taught you a plethora of valuable life lessons. Now, since your dad has probably given you a lifetime of sage advice, we’re here with some sage advice of our own: it’s time to trade in that tie you get him every year for some out-of-the-box gift ideas. I’ve come up with five last-minute Father’s Day gifts that almost any Dad would love to receive. 1. A Week Off From Dad…

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Finding the Best Water Filter for your Mom ,Home and Budget

By Eolife - May 5, 2017

As Real Food enthusiasts, we do our best to prepare nutrient-rich meals for our families. We scrutinize the labels on foods to avoid nasty preservatives, additives, and genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). Yet, paradoxically many of us don’t give enough thought about the quality of the water that we are using or research what might be the best water filter for our particular situation and the water available in our area. Even if we do manage to filter our drinking water,…

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Ematsuli Primary School,-The First Water Project Of Waterdrop

By Eolife - May 20, 2017

Good News for our Water4Smile program!! We have assigned our first water project! The community is Ematsuli Primary School, who will be receiving a rainwater harvesting system, 6 new latrines, and 2 hand-washing stations for the many students at the school. We will also do hygiene and sanitation education for the students and faculty. 

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How To Take Creative Photos When Travelling?

By Eolife - May 25, 2017

Weekends will coming, someone might be planning a happy trip. So...... How to shoot a series of amazing, special, creative photos when you are travelling??? Mode One—> You can try to shoot from high to low. Mode Two—> You can hand in hand with your travelling companion at the back.

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Safe Summer Swimming

By Eolife - May 28, 2017

Walking, hiking, biking and swimming are all great summer activities. Safety is of utmost importance when doing these activities to ensure your child reaps the benefits of being active without injury. Water safety is a must as drowning and water related accidents are the leading cause of death and injury for children. Practice these safety tips when your…

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Where Desert Meets Water?

By Eolife - June 27, 2017

Namibia - the land in the south-west of Africa between the Orange River in the south and the Kunene River in the north - is a barren land, like from another star, but still inviting and strangely familiar. Namibia is a paradise for photographers, a land of contrasts and clear colours.…

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Let These 7 Days Wholesome Flavored Water Recipes Help Keep Your Diet On Track

By Ecolife - September 8, 2017

Do you find the overload of sweet, high carb treats and high fat food have taken a toll on your waistline as well as your energy level? Are you feeling your jeans to be a little too snug? Are you feeling tired and sluggish, wanting to live in your sweat pants or pyjamas? Simple, fresh…

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