It’s almost here!
The warmer weather is creeping in. This new season brings with it all kinds of fun summer activities. Whether it’s playing, swimming or just hanging out with friends and family, something about summer just gives way to an easier, relaxed lifestyle. 
1. Take water safety seriously
Make sure children are supervised while swimming. This might seem obvious, but many drownings occur when multiple adults are present because of the assumption someone must be watching. Moreover, older children shouldn't be used as lifeguards without real training. They may freeze under stress or lack the ability to safely pull another child out of the water. You can check for more about swim safety tips.
2. Sun safety tips
The sun is really strong — protecting against UV rays is a simple way to keep your kids safe! Spending lots of time outdoors, while great for overall health, can be damaging to skin. Dermatologists recommend reapplying at least every 2 hours because water and sweat tends to wash sunscreen away. Make sure everyone in your family is protecting their eyes from the sun's harmful rays by purchasing sunglasses. If you or someone in your family gets burned, be sure to treat the sunburn as soon as you're back indoors. 
3. Never leave pets or people in a warm car
Even with windows cracked, cars parked in warm weather heat quickly inside. After one hour in 70 degree weather, the interior of a car can easily reach 113 degrees. Ouch. Keep pets and passengers safe by never leaving them in the car.
4. Beware of hot playground equipment
While most playgrounds no longer have metal slides, some older structures still do. Make sure to check all metal surfaces before allowing your kids to make contact. A hot slide can cause serious burns to bare legs.
5. Stay hydrated
Adults in your family should consume at least half their body weight in ounces of water every day, kids even more. This is especially important during hot summer months when heatstroke is a concern.
Water is the top-recommended source of hydration, and for good reason. Unlike high-calorie sugary drinks, water is calorie-free. It's also affordable and convenient. Carry a container of water with you throughout the day, and add a lemon or lime wedge to make it more refreshing. To tantalize your tastebuds further, add chopped fruits and veggies, such as apples, watermelon and cucumber, to a jug of water and refrigerate until cold and flavorful. Waterdrop can help you now, and its filtered water always give your family clean and great-tasting feeling. Find your water filter here.