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EWF01 Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement by Waterdrop

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$21.99 /pack

Price $ 25.99 (15.39% off)

$21.99 /pack

Price $ 25.99 (15.39% off)


Product Details

Electrolux Replacement EWF01, FC300

*Please note this is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.

Remarkable Filtration

Superior coconut carbon block ensures highly-efficient filtration with its porous structure.

Multi-effect Filtration

Removes harmful contaminants and retains beneficial minerals, keeping you hydrated every day.

Keep You Hydrated

Ensure you¡¯ve always got crisp and refreshing water to stay hydrated and energetic.

Premium Material

Ordinary Carbon Block
Our Superior Coconut Carbon Block


Replace your filter every 6 months or 400 gallons to achieve optimum performance.


Get uncompromising quality without hefty price, helping you get affordable water.

Water for Smile

1 Filter Purchased 1 Day of Clean Water for 1 Child

Installation Manual



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