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AQUACREST FQROPF Undersink Water Filter


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AquaCrest has professional experienced R&D team which have access to an advanced laboratory and are always pursuing the best product quality.
Installation is quite easy. You don't need to use tools, all you need to do is to follow our installation instructions.
This filter is made from coconut shell carbon, which, of the unique pore structure of this carbon, is well-suited for chemical adsorption, including VOCs, while reducing chlorine and chemicals that contribute to taste and odor.
AquaCrest makes better life. With AquaCrest filters, it’s easier than ever to enjoy better tasting water that’s better for you. AquaCrest filters cut the taste and odor of chlorine while reducing impurities that can adversely affect your health over time.

Technical Information

Used In Brands GE
Manufacturer's Id AQU-FQROPF
Media Coconut Carbon
Primary Filter Media Activated Carbon Block
Filter Life (gallons) 900
Filter Life (liters) 3,411
Filter Life (months) 6 months
Operating Pressure (psi) 30 - 100
Operating Temperature (°F) 33 - 100
Operating Temperature (°C) 0.6 - 38
Flow Rate (gpm) 1.15
Flow Rate (lpm) 4.36
Warranty Guarantee Unconditional Product Guarantee for Life of the Product
The AQU-FQROPF is comparable with the following part numbers


1. Turn OFF the icemaker (if attached to the system).

2. Turn off water supply to the system.

3. Turn ON faucet to drain tank (may take several minutes). Turn OFF faucet when tank is empty.

4. Remove the prefilter, postfilter and Reverse Osmosis cartridges by rotating to the left about 1/3 turn.

5. Sanitize the Reverse Osmosis System.

6. Remove foil on top of new replacement cartridges. Install new cartridges into the manifold by turning to the right about 1/3 turn until the alignment marks line up and the cartridges stop.

DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. The cartridges will rise up as they are turned.

NOTE: The prefilter and postfilter are identical. You may install either filter in the prefilter or postfilter position. The reverse osmosis cartridge is installed in the center position.

7. Turn ON water supply to fill the system (may take up to four hours). Check for leaks.

8. Remove the battery tray and replace the battery, positive "+" side down, to reset timer and monitor function in faucet base (see Battery Installation for proper procedure).

NOTE: Allow at least 90 seconds to elapse before installing new battery. This will ensure a full electronic reset and proper operation for the next 6 months.

9. If only the prefilter and postfilter are replaced, turn the faucet ON and empty the filled storage tank. If the membrane cartridge is replaced, fill and empty the storage tank a total of four times.
(This will remove the food grade preservatives contained in new membranes. This preservative will give product water an unpleasant taste and odor.)

10. Once the storage tank is full, turn on the icemaker (if attached to the system).



Customer Reviews

Good Quality
By Hud on 10/27/2017
These items replaced my original equipment units and they seem to work just as well. I was happy with the water results.
Great price
By Mary Connole on 9/24/2017
Great alternative o the GE branded ones that cost more. No problems and we received them very quickly.
Five Stars
By Dianna Schmidt on 8/5/2017
Works great and is much cheaper than the GE OEM.
Great replacement for OEM
By ike on 7/23/2017
Works as well as the OEM filters for a fraction of the cost.
Excellent filters
By Jose C. on 7/8/2017
Great quality and cost lot less than GE.
Good replacement product
By David J. on 6/18/2017
Arrived on time,are working like they should but the best part about them is there twenty dollars cheaper than the GE's. So unless you up your price's I will definitely purchase these again.Thank-you
Five Stars
By DM, Covina on 5/15/2017
As expected, long time user of this product,
Great product, good price
By Trisha B on 4/10/2017
I've had these three months, they work perfectly. Great product, good price!
Five Stars
By Dennis DeBusk on 3/30/2017
works great. Was wondering if you also have the GE FQROMF filter.
Five Stars
By Heavy Hitter on 1/3/2017
Great filters at a great price. I will buy again from this vendor. Fast delivery as well.

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