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5 Reasons You Should Always Use A Shower Filter

By eco life - October 15, 2018

Although more people are concerned about the effects of the ingredients that are in their beauty products, there is one other key ingredient that we need to pay close attention to and that is the water that you are using on your body and hair. Have you ever thought that the contaminants found in shower water can cause side effects on your scalp and the rest of your body? 1. We Breath in Harmful Microbes While Taking Showers

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8 Glasses of Water a Day: Fact or Myth?

By eco life - September 28, 2018

We heard that we should be drinking a total of 8 glasses of water per day. Some of us make a daily effort to make sure that we are drinking 8 glasses per day.  Others are trying to get as close as we can with 6-7 glasses. However, is drinking 8 glasses of water a day really beneficial to our health? Let’s take a deep dive to see if we can uncover any real benefits of drinking eight glasses of water per day.

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Looking for a Way to Cut Your Budget?

By eco life - September 19, 2018

Bottled water is the drink of choice in the United States. As more people are becoming eco and health conscious, people are really taking into consideration what they are putting in their bodies and the health effects that it will have on them in the long run. In the United States, the sales of bottled water are at an all-time high. According to Statista, the average family of four spends approximately $40 a month on bottled water. That is $480 a year on the water.

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List Of 24 Diseases Caused By Water Pollution

By Walter Liu - September 9, 2017

Water pollution is a huge problem around the world. You’ve probably heard this, but you might not have ever realized just how significant it really is. Fresh water is being polluted around the world, not just at the surface, but also as deep as groundwater too. The pollution of surface or groundwater can cause disease and decreases the availability of clean and drinkable water.

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5 Best Ways to Keep Your Family Safe This Summer

By Eolife - July 3, 2017

It’s almost here! The warmer weather is creeping in. This new season brings with it all kinds of fun summer activities. Whether it’s playing, swimming or just hanging out with friends and family, something about summer just gives way to an easier, relaxed lifestyle.  1. Take water safety…

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Let These 7 Days Wholesome Flavored Water Recipes Help Keep Your Diet On Track

By Ecolife - September 8, 2017

Do you find the overload of sweet, high carb treats and high fat food have taken a toll on your waistline as well as your energy level? Are you feeling your jeans to be a little too snug? Are you feeling tired and sluggish, wanting to live in your sweat pants or pyjamas? Simple, fresh…

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Where Desert Meets Water?

By Eolife - June 27, 2017

Namibia - the land in the south-west of Africa between the Orange River in the south and the Kunene River in the north - is a barren land, like from another star, but still inviting and strangely familiar. Namibia is a paradise for photographers, a land of contrasts and clear colours.…

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