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Q: What I need to do when I choose a water filter?
A: 1. Get your water-quality report.
Your municipal water company is required to publish an annual water report with up-to-date measurements of more than 90 possible contaminants. It will show if any of the contaminants exceeded the maximum contaminant level allowed by the EPA. Get your water-quality report by calling your municipal supplier.
2. Pick your target and purchase your filter.
Water-filtration systems vary widely in price and purpose, but be sure that the filter you choose is NSF/ANSI approved, says Mary Grant of Food & Water Watch. NSF International develops public-health standards globally. Use its filter guide to locate the type of filter (filtration, distillation, reverse osmosis, etc.) required for specific contaminants.
Q: How frequently should I replace my filter?
A: No matter what brand of water filter you choose, be sure to replace filter cartridges according to the guidelines. A filter cartridge generally needs to be replaced every six months to a year with normal use, but this varies widely among different filters.
Q: What would happen if I don’t change my filter regularly?
A: 1. Dirt and contaminants accumulation on the filter cartridge may slow down flow in your fridge faucet. It will take longer than time to fill your glass when you need to drink filtered water quick
2. The most dangerous (and possibly a poisonous) thing that can happen is for the accumulated dirt or contaminants that hangs on the filter cartridge can wash off into your glass. Remember, these contaminants may have been on the cartridge for a long time and possibly grow lots of bacteria. 
So, if you don't change your filter as recommended or when the indicator light shows time to change, you may be drinking very unhealthy water.
Q: What does TDS mean?
A: Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are non-organic impurities found in water, which contribute to a difference in the taste of water. Dissolved solids enter our water supply through old piping, run-off from road salts, pesticides, fertilizers and more.