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Waterdrop Plus DA29-00003G Refrigerator Water Filter

SKU: WDP-DA29-00003G

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Waterdrop Plus uses advaned 7-Stage filteration technology whcih could filter away most of the impurities and prolong the lifetime to ONE YEAR.
With an NSF certified water filter, you can rest assured that you are getting only the best of the best. These water filters are put through rigorous testing to ensure that only the purest, freshest water.
Water is essential to life and good health. Whether keeping your skin looking young, maintaining your vital organs, or helping you think clearly, water is the fuel of life. When water tastes great, you’ll drink more of it—and that’s a beautiful thing.
Every time you purchase a Waterdrop filter, you’ll provide a child with One Day supply of clean water. Starting March 22. 2017, Waterdrop will donate part of profit from every purchased filter to help build water projects and sanitation facilities.

Technical Information

Used In Brands Samsung
Manufacturer's Id WDP-DA29-00003G
Media Coconut Carbon
Primary Filter Media Activated Carbon Block
Filter Life (gallons) 600
Filter Life (liters) 2,274
Filter Life (months) 12 months
Micron Rating (Nominal) 0.5
Operating Pressure (psi) 30 - 100
Operating Temperature (°F) 33 - 100
Operating Temperature (°C) 0.6 - 38
Flow Rate (gpm) 0.5
Flow Rate (lpm) 1.9
Certifications Filter cartridge has been Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI 42 for materials and structural integrity requirements
Warranty Guarantee Unconditional Product Guarantee for Life of the Product
The WDP-DA29-00003G is comparable with the following part numbers
DA29-00003G DA29-00003 DA29-00003B DA29-00003A
DA29-00003A-B DA2900003A DA2900003B TADA29-00003A
TADA29-00003B DA97-06317A DA61-00159 DA61-00159A
WF289 WSS-1

1. Locate existing filter and remove it by turning it counter clockwise as shown in the graphic.

2. Holding new filter in your hands, carefully remove the packaging and sanitary end-cap from the new filter.

3. Apply slight upward pressure and rotate the filter clockwise. Ensure filter is fuly installed in refrigerator head a full 1/4 turn. This is required to activate the internal valve inside the refrigerator. If the filter is not turned a full 1/4 turn the valve will not fully open and may cause the water flow to be slow, or even cause the valve to make a chattering noise during use.

4. Dispense water into glass looking for good water flow. If flow is slow, remove and reinstall filter ensuring that the filter is a full 1/4 turn.

NOTE: Initial (low rale may be slower than expected, Full flow rate should be restored within 24-36 hours.

5. Check filter one more time for any leaks.

6. Run water from the dispenser for 5 minutes at .5 gpm (about 2.5 gallons) to clear the system and prevent sputtering.



Customer Reviews

Easy installation and no leaks
By Reginald Fuller on 12/29/2017
The Waterdrop DA29-00003G Samsung replacement filter is an economic alternative to the expensive Samsung filters sold at appliance stores and home centers. Easy installation and no leaks!
These are the ones to get
By SlumLord on 12/16/2017
Perfect fit, perfect replacement, half the cost!
Great tasting water.
By HappyShopper on 12/6/2017
I needed to replace my water filters and was able to order two, with one being used as a back-up. They arrived on time and I was able to replace my old filter with the new one that I just purchased. Easy to install.
They fit.
By Marj H on 10/13/2017
I have a Samsung french door refrigerator...bought some filters same numbers, and they didn't fit...these do...perfect.
Fit perfectly in my Samsung double door.
By swanlakemt on 8/2/2017
Great price for these filters. I replaced mine with one of these a couple days ago. No leaking, no weird tastes or color. I'm impressed and will be be buying more of these to store them since they worked so well.
The filter that cleaned!
By John on 7/19/2017
This works just like the Samsung water filters and at a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend them! You just have to buy more than one to save more money.
Better Than the Originals
By kkk on 7/11/2017
Fantastic alternative to pricey store replacement filters. They fit perfectly and work just as good as the Samsung ones. Glad I found these ones! Cannot beat the price for a 2 pack!!
Easy Install!
By John Durkin on 7/5/2017
We have had problems with installing other water filters whether generic or Samsung, but my wife says yours was the easiest to install! Clicked right in! And the water tastes great!
Forget those super high Samsung prices.
By Home Owner on 6/19/2017
These filters at a great price are just as good as those way over priced pay for the name Samsung filters. Great fit and even if you change them out frequently you are ahead of the game price wise!
Highly recommend
By Stacy on 6/5/2017
These are exactly like the Samsung brand only a ton cheaper! The water tastes great! Absolutely no problems with this filter! Highly recommend!
Great Product for a Great Price
By J. Barz on 5/18/2017
These worked perfectly in our Samsung refrigerator. Unfortunately for us, our refrigerator's compressor died an untimely death and, after spending a ridiculous amount of money getting it fixed, it burned out and we had to buy a new refrigerator.
Work well
By J-Mad13 on 4/25/2017
Great filters. They work well in our fridge and we have never had any problems with them. Easy to remove and install.
By Special K on 4/2/2017
These work flawlessly! Had purchased another brand and the grooves on the neck were not correct. Returned and purchased these. You get TWO for half the price of a Samsung filter.
Money savings
By Sylvia Black on 3/14/2017
These filters fit my refrigerator perfectly and work just as well as the ones that are three times more expensive at Lowes. I got tired of spending quite a bit of money for these filters at Lowes and finally found these.
Does as advertised!
By Andrew Ellis on 2/13/2017
Shipped very quickly and fit my refrigerator as it was supposed to. Seems to be working and happy with the purchase. People have criticized that it is not for contaminated water, but then again neither is the official Samsung one. Water tastes great through it and happy to not have to spend $50 for an "official" Samsung one.
Seems very good. Time will tell.
By Ken on 2/3/2017
Even though the locking tabs are somewhat different than the OEM Samsung I replaced, it seems to fit and work for the Samsung RS22HDHPNSR. 80% cheaper than the OEM version and NSF certified, so probably one of the better options on amazon for non-OEM.
Great filters for a good price!
By Garrett S on 1/24/2017
Been using the new water filter for a couple days. So far it works well! Water tastes great! Water flow speed is good, and these filters are much more reasonably priced than the Samsung brand replacement filters.

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