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Waterdrop DA29-00003G Refrigerator Water Filter

SKU: WD-DA29-00003G

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The carbon components used in Waterdrop filters could contribute to the reduction of chlorine taste and odor while retaining minerals beneficial to health.
With an NSF certified water filter, you can rest assured that you are getting only the best of the best. These water filters are put through rigorous testing to ensure that only the purest, freshest water.
Unique, premium coconut carbon block gives you fresh water and leaves beneficial minerals which may be beneficial to health.
Every time you purchase a Waterdrop filter, you’ll provide a child with One Day supply of clean water. Starting March 22. 2017, Waterdrop will donate part of profit from every purchased filter to help build water projects and sanitation facilities.

Technical Information

Used In Brands Samsung
Manufacturer's Id WD-DA29-00003G
Media Coconut Carbon
Primary Filter Media Activated Carbon Block
Filter Life (gallons) 300
Filter Life (liters) 1,173
Filter Life (months) 6 months
Micron Rating (Nominal) 0.5
Operating Pressure (psi) 30 - 100
Operating Temperature (°F) 33 - 100
Operating Temperature (°C) 0.6 - 38
Flow Rate (gpm) 0.5
Flow Rate (lpm) 1.9
Certifications Filter cartridge has been Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI 42 for materials and structural integrity requirements
Warranty Guarantee Unconditional Product Guarantee for Life of the Product
The WD-DA29-00003G is comparable with the following part numbers
DA29-00003G DA29-00003 DA29-00003B DA29-00003A
DA29-00003A-B DA2900003A DA2900003B TADA29-00003A
TADA29-00003B DA97-06317A DA61-00159 DA61-00159A
WF289 WSS-1

1. Locate existing filter and remove it by turning it counter clockwise as shown in the graphic.

2. Holding new filter in your hands, carefully remove the packaging and sanitary end-cap from the new filter.

3. Apply slight upward pressure and rotate the filter clockwise. Ensure filter is fuly installed in refrigerator head a full 1/4 turn. This is required to activate the internal valve inside the refrigerator. If the filter is not turned a full 1/4 turn the valve will not fully open and may cause the water flow to be slow, or even cause the valve to make a chattering noise during use.

4. Dispense water into glass looking for good water flow. If flow is slow, remove and reinstall filter ensuring that the filter is a full 1/4 turn.

NOTE: Initial (low rale may be slower than expected, Full flow rate should be restored within 24-36 hours.

5. Check filter one more time for any leaks.

6. Run water from the dispenser for 5 minutes at .5 gpm (about 2.5 gallons) to clear the system and prevent sputtering.



Customer Reviews

Save Big with this filter by Waterdrop!
By krmorris on 12/23/2017
Works just like the Samsung Filters and it costs

$30.00 less! I have used this brand for 2 years and never had a problem! Good Buy!

I strongly recommend it.
By moni on 12/18/2017
It works very well. I was buying those "originals"expenses filters before, but this one is the same. I strongly recommend it.
Fraction of the cost!
By Mike on 12/14/2017
Seems like the exact replacement for the Samsung at a fraction of the cost. Seems to filter the water the same too. I cut my samsung filter in half to check out the materials used inside the filter. When this filter is replaced I will do the same and write another review on my findings.
Soooo Much Easier to Install than previous filter used
By Kelly on 12/6/2017
Sooooooo much easier to install than the aqua pure filters that were supposed to have been made for our refrigerator (yes we checked to make certain we had the correct number) . This went in so easily I was concerned it hadn't thread correctly but it has been working great and no leaking.
Great Copycat Filter
By Sheryl Bonin on 10/22/2017
After paying $50 a pop at Lowe's for filters, I ordered this one recently. It looks and operates exactly like the Samsung ones. I am buying these from now on!!!
Samsung water filter replacement.
By smilegirl on 10/21/2017
I really, really like this as a replacement for the much more expensive Samsung item. I can buy four for the price of one of theirs. I had read the reviews of others who said they had leak issues so it was an experiment for me. I have had no issues in installing or leaking. I am glad to be able to save a good deal of money.
A perfect fit. Have not encountered any issues
By BlueMan on 10/14/2017
A perfect fit. Have not encountered any issues. Water tastes as expected and I think it's even better than the competitor. For the price, I would buy again.
Exactly like the Samsung replacement
By Marcy on 10/11/2017
Exactly like the Samsung replacement. is supposed to last a year which is 2x as long as the Samsung filter. I am anxious to see if this holds true. So far good quality for a better price. Fast delivery.
starsGood substitute at a much better price.
By Lynne E. on 10/9/2017
I installed this the other day, and it seems an exact duplicate of the brand name. The water came out readily from the dispenser. I usually get some black particles out with the Samsung, but it did not happen with this.
Great Replacement for Samsung Filters
By R. K. Oconnor on 9/19/2017
The Waterdrop replacement filter is configured exactly like the Samsung filters I have always purchased in the past. It installed smoothly, doesn't leak, and is much less expensive than the Samsung filters.
Great Filters!
By BartonS on 9/4/2017
These are awesome! Half the price of the brand name & work better! The flow of the water has more power & so does the ice. The water has no closing taste at all. We're really happy with these & will continue to buy them as long as they are available.
Works great, much less expensive than name brand
By EsqTitling on 8/30/2017
These fit perfectly and seem to work great. They are substantially less expensive than the name brand, and I'm not sure that there is really any difference between them (although I could be wrong).
Just as good, if not better, than Samsung OEM filters
By K. Fritzsche on 8/23/2017
This is the second one of these that we've bought to replace the Samsung OEM filter - and by that, I mean that the first one we bought has reached the point of replacement after six months of excellent service. The price of the OEM filters keeps climbing, and we were looking for a more affordable alternative. We initially bought this filter based on the positive reviews, and it did not disappoint. The filter has performed admirably (the filtered water tastes great!), and has lasted just as long as the OEM filters we used to buy. Waterdrop knows what they're doing, and that's why we're back for another filter from this company.
I bled the air out of the lines after installation just like the originals
By Clayton Allen on 8/22/2017
Installed a week ago. The filters are identical in physical appearance to the OEM cartridges. I bled the air out of the lines after installation just like the originals. The water and ice from the filter have no odor or unusual taste. Only time will tell if they last six months like the Samsung filters do. If performance is the same, these are quite a bargain in comparison.
Perfect replacement.
By Xklybur on 8/15/2017
Perfect fit and a lot less than ordering from Sears or Samsung. Had no issues whatsoever. I'm going to add this to my subscription since it's due for replacement every 6 months.
starsBetter than official Samsung filter
By blaincorrous on 8/2/2017
Great filter. Requires less flushing than official, and subjectively speaking, the water tastes better than official too.
Loose fit but works!
By Lynnelle Dellinger on 8/1/2017
It seems to work but concerned over the fit, the name brand felt secure, this fit feels very loose, like it could drop or spill. However, it is working and not spills. Hope it stays that way because this price ROCKS!
Finally one that fits.
By Laura on 7/22/2017
There was a change made to the design of this water filter so it is hit and miss on if it will fit in my fridge and have had to return many filters due to the change. This one however works and fits perfectly! I will be buying this again and has a great price too! My fridge is the RFG297 series by Samsung.
Work as well as the overpriced OEM filter but at a substantial savings
By MikeSp on 7/7/2017
Very little to say other than these filters seem to work as well as the overepriced filters from the manufacturer of my refrigerator -- making them a bargain.
starsWater filter fits Samsung perfectly
By Dyenamic on 7/4/2017
Easy to install with no modifications in my Samsung fridge. Too soon to tell the quality, but so far so good and it seems to be doing its job. Shipping was fast and they have great customer service.
It works.
By IncredibleHat on 6/22/2017
It works in my samsung fridge. Not much else to say, as a filter is a filter unless it doesnt fit or filter!
Just as Good (If not better) and Saves you $$$
By jayzay83 on 6/4/2017
I am convinced that these are just as good as the name brand filters for my Samsung refrigerator. I am glad that I gave this filter a chance because it will save me over $60 a year.
Works great.
By Dena on 5/26/2017
Fit into the fridge and totally changed the taste of our water. Much improved.
Good product, good price.
By Pearl on 5/20/2017
We did some research on different filter models. The reviews on this one were very good. After we received the filter my husband installed it. No problems. Working great with no problems.
Great filter at fraction of the cost
By odessit40 on 5/17/2017
Water tastes even better than the original (overpriced) Samsung filter. Takes a day or two to remove air bubbles within the fridge's hoses, but other than that, great product.
Good filter
By Iowan1988 on 5/11/2017
trying this brand as it is much less expensive than the one marketed to use with the Samsung brand. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is I've only been using it a short time.
Bargain Filter
By MediaProf on 4/27/2017
This replaces a Samsung filter that is more expensive. Loads and works just as the Samsung. This filter is a bargain and functions just as advertised.
Fit perfectly, no issues
By Sandy on 4/19/2017
I was worried after reading some of the reviews, thinking this filter may not fit correctly in our frig. We have Samsung model RF267ABRS and had no issue with this filter fitting in place. It fit just like the OEM filter that is now doubled in cost since last year. So far so good!
Great Replacement Filter
By Avidreader on 4/18/2017
What a great alternative to the $50 filter were bought then returned after receiving this. Perfect fit and NO problems. Highly recommend purchasing this product.
crisp, clear water at an affordable price
By Teh_Nessa on 3/31/2017
For an inexpensive filter, this product has done a great job so far. The water running through it comes out clear and crisp, without the vaguely chlorine smell that usually emanates from the local tap water. This filter was simple to install and takes less than a minute to replace. I will be purchasing this product again when it comes time to replace the current one.
it is a great bargain. Although I was a little skeptical
By Bluffdad on 3/30/2017
If this continues to perform as it is now, it is a great bargain. Although I was a little skeptical, the filter fits without issue, the water is polished and has no scent or taste, and the flow is good. Our city water has an unpleasant taste and sometimes smells of chlorines. It is considerably less expensive than the genuine Samsung filter. It seems a smart purchase.
Great Filter for a GREAT price!!
By Ralph DiGiacomo on 3/15/2017
I was skeptical at first because the price was so much lower than the Samsung filter but after installing it yesterday I have to say that I am impressed! This filter works as good or maybe even better than the Samsung filters that cost so much more. Finally, a cost effective alternative!!
Great water filter for a better price!
By V. Pitts on 3/14/2017
This was my second time purchasing this brand of water filters for my refrigerator. They work just as good as the original brand that came with the fridge - for about half the price. That install just as easily and last just as long. I am very happy with the product!
Leaked. Had to use the old o-rings
By bskousen on 2/28/2017
The product looked like the original, but was much less expensive. When I first installed the filter, it started leaking within a few minutes. It wasn't a gushing leak, but small drops of water like a leaky faucet. I removed the filter and applied an o-ring lubricant on the o-rings. The leaks stopped for two days, but then started up again. I then removed the two o-rings and used the o-rings from the old filter. It's now been two days and no leaks. I will update this review if it starts leaking again. My advice is to use a very small amount of silicone lubricant on the o-rings to help prevent leaks. Also, keep the original o-rings just in case it starts leaking with the included o-rings.
no point in spending more
By J. McCoy on 2/20/2017
Seems like a perfect replacement for the name brand filter. I will never go back to paying more for a genuine Samsung filter after using this one.
Great replacement for OEM filter
By Valley Handyman on 2/19/2017
When we purchased a Samsung refrigerator I was shocked at the $40.00 cost for the replacement water filter. When I saw the Waterdrop filter on-line, I was wasn't sure it would work because of all the "warnings" from Samsung about not using their OEM replacement filters. But at a third of the Samsung price I gave it a try. It fits and functions exactly like the original filter. I would highly recommend this product.
So far so good!
By Christine on 2/16/2017
This filter works very well. I will purchase this brand again. The price is right for something that needs to be replaced every few months. I've tried other off brands. This is ia first time with this one and it to be the best. My water is clear and refreshing.
It's a water filter that fits like the OEM part
By CLTGUY on 2/3/2017
It's a water filter! Installs like OEM and who knows if there is a taste difference?
starsI recommend this
By happycamper on 1/30/2017
Everything came as expected and it seems to be doing its job. I recommend this filter
Don't break the bank.
By D. Lindsey on 1/13/2017
The appliance manufacturers would love for you to make them rich with high priced replacements. No need! This is a great filter at a great price. Thanks.
Oder came so quickly
By Roie on 1/8/2017
Just what we needed. Arrived very quickly - in two days! We ordered two - one for next time and one to use right now. It was easy to replace in the refrigerator.

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