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Waterdrop LT500P Refrigerator Water Filter


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The carbon components used in Waterdrop filters could contribute to the reduction of chlorine taste and odor while retaining minerals beneficial to health.
With an NSF certified water filter, you can rest assured that you are getting only the best of the best. These water filters are put through rigorous testing to ensure that only the purest, freshest water.
Unique, premium coconut carbon block gives you fresh water and leaves beneficial minerals which may be beneficial to health.
Every time you purchase a Waterdrop filter, you’ll provide a child with One Day supply of clean water. Starting March 22. 2017, Waterdrop will donate part of profit from every purchased filter to help build water projects and sanitation facilities.

Technical Information

Used In Brands LG  / ATAG
Manufacturer's Id WD-LT500P
Media Coconut Carbon
Primary Filter Media Activated Carbon Block
Filter Life (gallons) 500
Filter Life (liters) 1,893
Filter Life (months) 6 months
Micron Rating (Nominal) 0.5
Operating Pressure (psi) 30 - 100
Operating Temperature (°F) 33 - 100
Operating Temperature (°C) 0.6 - 38
Flow Rate (gpm) 0.5
Flow Rate (lpm) 1.9
Certifications Filter cartridge has been Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI 42 for materials and structural integrity requirements
Warranty Guarantee Unconditional Product Guarantee for Life of the Product
The WD-LT500P is comparable with the following part numbers
LT500P 5231JA2002A 5231JA2002A-S
AK100V 6572447 88009234


1. Locate existing filter and remove it by turning it counter clockwise as shown in the graphic.

2. Holding new filter in your hands, carefully remove the packaging and sanitary end-cap from the new filter.

3. Apply slight upward pressure and rotate the filter clockwise. Ensure filter is fully installed in refrigerator head a full 1/4 turn. This is required to activate the internal valve inside the refrigerator. If the filter is not turned a full 1/4 turn the valve will not fully open and may cause the water flow to be slow, or even cause the valve to make a chattering noise during use.

4. Dispense water into glass looking for good water flow. If flow is slow, remove and reinstall filter ensuring that the filter is a full 1/4 turn.

NOTE: Initial flow rate may be slower than expected. Full flow rate should be restored within 24-36 hours.



Customer Reviews

Better than LG's filter
By C. Moreland on 12/18/2017
The filter replaced my LG LT500P filter. The water comes out without odor, a better flow rate than the original (spec is the same, but my glass fills faster than with the LG filter), no leaks, and the water has no flavor. The other thing I like is that the company does help those in need of water from each filter sold.
starsproduct fits perfect, water comes put very clean
By Marco on 12/10/2017
product fits perfect, water comes put very clean... taste is good too. Cant beat this price…
By Bruno H on 12/10/2017
Perfect replacement. Water is flowing freely again!
Their water tastes nice and it was easy to install
By Holliday on 12/9/2017
bought for my parents..
Their water tastes nice and it was easy to install
Five Stars
By EA Black on 12/8/2017
Slightly smaller that the factory replacements, but work just as well AND for a lot less money!!
Good filter
By D. Groseclose on 12/2/2017
Much cheaper than name brand and works great!
Great filter for the price.
By Tarzan on 11/29/2017
I use it as a replacement for my LG refrigerator. 1/4 the cost of original filter and so far, I see no negatives. Plus you get 3. Great for the price.
awesome. great price
By Nancy on 11/20/2017
awesome. great price.
my room mates are very happy. Also reasonable price
By TC on 11/9/2017
Order came very quick.I know the filters are doing there job but I've never been able to tell difference between filtered and unfiltered water.But my room mates are very happy.Also reasonable price.
Great shipping.
By GalinBc on 11/3/2017
Exactly what was needed.
Five Stars
By OKC on 10/18/2017
tem received as described. Thank you!
Five Stars
By J. Rundle on 10/13/2017
It fits the same as the OEM ones, no leakage so far. Water tastes good as well. I'll be buying these from now on.
Great replacement filter
By Donna L. Mirth on 10/12/2017
came as ordered, fit the refrigerator perfectly
Five Stars
By Joseph S. on 10/9/2017
Easy to install an the water and ice cubes taste good
Great Taste, Removes Sediment
By Tyler Steck on 10/6/2017
Tastes great! Removed the sediment I had in my water! Thanks
High quality low price
By David A on 10/2/2017
When I first installed the filter it felt loose but gently pulled down to make sure it was in and it stayed. It didn't leak and when I started draining water it looked clear unlike other filters I've tried. I dumped about 4 gallons anyway before tasting and it tastes like good quality water. Very good filter for the price.
By tdeneal on 9/12/2017
What we needed. Good price
Yes, but it!
By ScoutElizabeth on 9/7/2017
Works just as well as the more expensive brands. I'll be buying these again.
Five Stars
By Shye Marshall on 9/7/2017
Filters water. Cheaper than name brand
Nice Product!
By MW on 8/16/2017
Seems to be an excellent product for the price. Quick shipping. Just installed with no leaks, so we will see how it preforms in the next 6 months. Will buy again if it proves to last for 6 months.
Good product good price
By Geno70 on 8/9/2017
Excellent product easy to install with no leaking. Hardly a trace of carbon when I purged the system (last one a big box store brand spewed out carbon for a few gallons and was more the double the price for the two filters compared to the two Waterdrop filters. I doubt you will find a better price.
Love the price and quality
By one4home on 8/7/2017
Love the price and quality. I was amazed how fast my filters was shipped. Very happy and will shop again. You all rock!!!
No leaks
By Alvin on 8/4/2017
Fits great No leaks tastes great
Works perfectly
By DeniseB on 8/3/2017
Does the job with a lot less cost. Have never had a problem with these and now order them regularly.
By DPW on 8/3/2017
Great product ease to change and a very affordable price. Will definitely purchase again
Good Product
By B. Russell on 7/13/2017
These fit just like the original filter. Works well for less money
Works great with a Kenmore Refrig.
By Bill R on 7/8/2017
Bought these for in-laws, the work great with no issues.
Great deal!
By KL76 on 7/7/2017
These worked just fine - I won't be paying full retail for the name brand again.
Excellent price on these filters
By ACM on 6/29/2017
Excellent price on these filters, don't buy them anywhere else unless you just like tossing hard earned money away.
Very happy with these
By Antony J. Staggers on 6/13/2017
These were significantly cheaper than the ones I found in my local home supply store. Fits my LG fridge perfectly! Very happy with these!
easy to install
By Tyler Bicknese on 6/7/2017
easy to install, water pressure is great, and I never had any of the charcoal remnants that others talk about, I still ran through a couple of pitchers of water right away though.
Easy install and performance of filter has been excellent
By Amayzd on 5/29/2017
Exact fit for my LG. Easy install and performance of filter has been excellent. I would purchase again.
Save money with these
By Ted J. on 5/27/2017
It works just like the ones that came with the refrigerator for a lower price.
Great filters
By J. Randazzo on 5/12/2017
I installed these in my Kenmore Refridegerator. Seem to work great. No weird taste, no leaking that I can notice. I was buying another brand of filter, but as long as these continue to work the way they currently are, I will buy them again in the future.
Five Stars
By Merissa_Drummer on 4/20/2017
Perfect replacement for my LG water filter for my frige :) water tastes great!!
What a Bargin !
By texrocket on 4/14/2017
Works just great! Two pack saves me having to order a single one six months later and paying more shipping too. I did notice that this filter appears to be a little slimmer than the Kenmore it replaced. Still, really great pricing, can't believe I was paying about three times the cost for the Kenmore Filter. Guess that is another reason Sears is struggling to save afloat.
perfect fit, and at a fraction of the cost
By Jimmy N on 4/11/2017
ncredible price, perfect fit, and at a fraction of the cost!
Great filter
By Maynez on 3/27/2017
Good quality filter. Water comes odorless and clear for months. I don't see a difference between this filter and the original ones.
Great price. Quick shipping. Fits my refrigerator perfectly.
By D. Veldkamp on 3/25/2017
Buying a two-pack should make it easier to remember to replace it on a regular basis. TIP: Write the install date on the filter in a bold marker. Just another reminder to keep things up-to-date.
Support this company!
By Maziar Momeni on 2/23/2017
Works as advertised and delivered faster than expected. The real reason I am leaving this feedback is that when I was considering several options for filter this wasn't the cheapest. But the fact that they work in developing countries to help with water access issues pushed me to buy from them. I will always buy from vendors that donate time and resources to worthy causes even though it may cost me slightly more. We should all support this company and others like it.
Good Deal
By Ho Lam on 2/14/2017
Replace the filter. Works great so far for 1/4 of the price of the original. No leak!.....Recommended.
Five Stars
By Mike Buick on 1/28/2017
good price quality product
Five Stars
By Sherri Vice on 1/26/2017
Shipped quickly, fit my refrigerator and priced reasonably.
Good buy
By Scott K on 1/13/2017
Wow, these work great. Water tastes great and I am even getting better flow through. Glad I bought these
Very Pleased
By CTM on 1/10/2017
Fit perfectly and noticed a difference in the water immediately. Very happy with this purchase.
Buying my second two-pack a year later - they have been great!
By Ryan J on 1/7/2017
Bought the two-pack last year for my LG fridge. The water has been great. I'm buying my refill two pack now (one year later). I had also previously purchased other off-brands in years prior but this has been the best.

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