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Waterdrop MWF Refrigerator Water Filter


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The carbon components used in Waterdrop filters could contribute to the reduction of chlorine taste and odor while retaining minerals beneficial to health.
With an NSF certified water filter, you can rest assured that you are getting only the best of the best. These water filters are put through rigorous testing to ensure that only the purest, freshest water.
Unique, premium coconut carbon block gives you fresh water and leaves beneficial minerals which may be beneficial to health.
Every time you purchase a Waterdrop filter, you’ll provide a child with One Day supply of clean water. Starting March 22. 2017, Waterdrop will donate part of profit from every purchased filter to help build water projects and sanitation facilities.

Technical Information

Used In Brands GE  / Hotpoint / Kenmore
Manufacturer's Id WD-MWF
Media Coconut Carbon
Primary Filter Media Activated Carbon Block
Filter Life (gallons) 350
Filter Life (liters) 1,325
Filter Life (months) 6 months
Micron Rating (Nominal) 0.5
Operating Pressure (psi) 30 - 100
Operating Temperature (°F) 33 - 100
Operating Temperature (°C) 0.6 - 38
Flow Rate (gpm) 0.5
Flow Rate (lpm) 1.9
Certifications Filter cartridge has been Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI 42 for materials and structural integrity requirements
Warranty Guarantee Unconditional Product Guarantee for Life of the Product
The WD-MWF is comparable with the following part numbers
GWF06 MWFA WR02X11020 WR02X11287
WR02X11290 WR2M3552 WR97X10006
9991 469991 46-9991 9996
469996 46-9996 9905 469905


1. Locate existing filter and remove it by turning it counter clockwise as shown in graphic.

2. Install new filter into refrigerator.

3. Twist the filter clockwise until the stop.

In some instances the partially activated valve may cause a "chattering" noise in the water line.

4. Check the water flow by filling a glass from the refrigerator water dispenser. If the water flow is slow or there is "chattering", remove and reinstall the filter making sure it is
seated securely. Check again.

5. Run water from the dispenser for 5 minutes at .5 gpm (about 2.5gallons) to clear the system and
prevent sputtering.

NOTE: Initial flow rate may be slower than expected.Full flow rate should be restored within 24-36 hours.

6. Check the filter for any leaks. Inspect the mount area and filter bottom for any sign of moisture.



Customer Reviews

Great replacement filter at a great price
By Vitandr on 11/7/2017
Great replacement filter at a great price. I've tried many and they all failed in filtering properly or they left a harsh aftertaste.

This one belongs to a different species, is well constructed and leaves no after taste whatsoever.

It is as good as the original GE mwf filter at a fraction of the cost!
My source for water filters!!
By Darla on 11/2/2017
It's working GREAT, and I will definitely order again without hesitation. Previously, I purchased the brand the manual specified at a big box stores. One time, the NAME BRAND filter that I spent $35 on was faulty and leaked water everywhere. Despite several attempts at getting it in place, it continued to leak. Of course I took it back. The clerk said that happens occasionally. So, knowing that, I have no problem buying from this company again.
Highly recommended!
By StephanieC on 10/20/2017
After ordering some filters for my home refrigerator for a great price on Amazon, I ordered these for the fridge on my camper. They are a perfect fit and the water and ice tastes great! I got 3 filters for less than the price of one filter in Lowes!
Have purchased these filters twice. Great replacement filter.
By Texas Bowhunter on 10/8/2017
I have purchased this filter twice. It works perfectly at a fraction of the cost of a OEM GE filter. Maybe it is my imagination but it seems to me that the OEM GE filter restricted the flow of water more than these filters. I seem to get a better stream of water out of the water dispenser when I use the Waterdrop filters. I will purchase them again when I need more.
Great filter.
By Kate on 10/1/2017
This filter works great in my refrigerator. I drink a lot of water and I use it for cooking so it's important to me that I have a working filter. The water tastes great and the filter fits perfectly in my GE appliance. It can't be beat for the price.
Water taste the same with this filter and didn't have to pay $49 for a GE filter!!!
By Janet C Cubas on 9/24/2017
Water filter works great. We did not notice any difference between the GE filter and the aftermarket one. The only difference was the price as the GE filter was over $40 and the MWF filter is less than $10.
An excellent filter
By David Eaton on 8/17/2017
Some customers might hesitate in purchasing a product that is priced much lower than the OEM one but let me assure you that this filter is a perfect fit and works wonderfully. My ice water dispenser is now flowing 40% faster.
Seem to be the same as OEM and MUCH less costly.
By Chris E on 8/9/2017
fast delivery, appears to be the same as the one installed when the refrigerator was new, and also spears to work as well, BUT is much more reasonably priced that the ones GE or any of the places like Home Depot or Lowe's charges for the same item. I have recommended this item and place of purchase to several friends in the area.
I'm Still Alive!
By AmazonCustomer101 on 7/29/2017
Installed and flushed without any issues. Water taste like it always does. Impossible to know if it works perfectly, unless I die. My last words to my wife will be, "reduce the number of stars on my water filter review".
Great replacement
By Jess L. on 7/20/2017
Perfect replacement for OEM filter at lower cost. Easy to install, no detectable change in water taste.
By Scott on 7/19/2017
This filter is a perfect replacement to our previous GE filter. It filters the water just as good or better than the one it replaced AND the water pressure has increased due to it's high flow rate. We are VARY happy with the purchase and will buy it again when the time comes. GREAT REPLACEMENT!!!
I Have Water and Ice Again!
By Mary on 7/7/2017
Very pleased with purchase. It was a perfect fit for my fridge. We had water again within seconds and ice within a week. Was really thinking the ice maker was broken but just as someone suggested it needed a new filter! I will purchase from them time after time as long as the results stay as they are now. I have no issue with drinking tap water so this filter is great for me. If you want something that is going to filter out everything you will have to purchase the name brand at about a 40-45 price increase. VERY HAPPY!
So Far So Good!
By Randy F on 6/24/2017
I received the filters on time and as described. The filter installed easily and is working well. The taste seems to be good and I did research that they met the NSF standards.
Great filters
By Yvonne Scales on 6/20/2017
Exactly as described. No shipping issues. When we installed the filter it was extremely easy. Lots of pressure and air when using the water the first time after a filter change, and had to use about 5 large cups of water to drain the line before the water was fully clear, which is normal. It's been a week and the water tastes great and has better water pressure. Love that this pack came with 3 filters so we don't have to reorder for a while. Customer service contacted me by email to offer any help needed (which we didn't need, but showed the company is dedicated to customer service).
Appears to be a quality product at a terrific price
By gtdad on 6/5/2017
This water filter was a fraction of the price of the GE oem filter, but it appears to be of similar quality. It's hard to truly judge the quality of the product until it stands the test of time. I will edit my review at a later date should the product fail to live up to the 5 star rating. The product arrived promptly.
Excellent Product
By Obi Kenobi on 5/18/2017
Great product. Fits my GE Ref perfect and I can smell and taste the clean water. We live in CT with our own well which carries lot of chemicals so having a quality filter is crucial for us. We tried this product for the first time and will never pay $44 for a GE branded filter.
Great tasting water, Great deal... Will purchase again!
By osuchic on 5/1/2017
We recently purchased this replacement water filter. It's replacing the actual manufacturer recommended filter. The product was really easy to install and the installation was seamless. The true test came from the actual taste of the water... After setting up the filter, as per the directions we have used the water filter. It tastes delicious and for the money, its definitely the way to go! I will be a repeat customer!
FAST shipping, great price, great product!!
By LisaMichele on 4/24/2017
Great product for a great price! Popped it right into the fridge and our water and ice cubes taste great!! Super-fast shipping made this a fantastic transaction! I'll definitely do business with this seller again!
Great Product
By Mark S on 4/9/2017
I rarely give this good a review but using this filter increased the water pressure output the taste of the water was noticeably better. I highly recommend this product. I have only had it for a week or so, will post more as we see how it works over the long term.
Excellent Replacement for GE OEM filter.
By Debbie Marron on 4/4/2017
Just received and installed the filter today. No problems! Very good replacement for GE filter which costs more than 3 times more. I like the month stickers that come with it so you know when to replace. Instructions for installation are in the box; very easy to install.
Easy to install. Be sure to flush water through the new filter
By C. Dal-Ben on 3/14/2017
Very easy install. Twist the old one off, twist the new one on. Be sure to follow enclosed instructions to flush water through the new filter before using it for making ice or drinking water via the refrigerator water connection.
Perfect replacement match for GWF filter
By katharyn725 on 3/9/2017
Moved into a new house and the current GE refrigerator had a GE brand GWF filter. This water filter fit perfectly into the fridge and works great - water tastes much better now with a new filter. This filter is shorter and fatter in shape that the GE GWF filter; however, the top fitting portion of the filters are identical and it twisted into place without a problem. Can't beat the price of this filter versus the GE filters either!
Perfect replacement for a lot less money
By Neshopper on 3/4/2017
This filter was a perfect replacement for the Kenmore brand and was much, much cheaper. Will definitely order again!
Great water filter, great price you won't be disappointed
By yorkilvr forever on 3/3/2017
At first I was a little worried about ordering the generic instead of the GE brand. I drink all my water through my refrigerator so it would really save me money. My son installed it and said it was a breeze to do. After flushing out the system, we have very fresh, good flow of filtered water don't hesitate to save yourself some money because it works great and you won't be disappointed!
immediate results
By Daniel Allsup on 2/23/2017
i could taste the difference in my water as soon as I ran the water through the appropriate time. It tasted much better than before. I am a water snob so I personally would like it to taste a little different still. However, I can't take away from the fact that the product was easy to install and tasted better than my expired filter. I would recommend it.
Works great... water tastes better.
By mnix on 2/20/2017
Filter fits fine and installed with no problems or leaks... Water tastes better than before.
Excellent Product
By LEM on 2/19/2017
We are very happy with this product. The water pressure is better than the original GE filter, the water tastes great (follow recommendations to flush a few glasses through first), great price and quick shipping. Will definitely order again and have been recommending this product to all our neighbors who also have the same frig/filter system.
nice surprise!
By guitarguy11955 on 2/17/2017
Just installed it, and so far my pressure is far superior to the other non name brand filters I had used. come with a magnet with a digital gauge to put on the fridge to remind you of time to change.

nice email from seller asking if I need anything!
The price was right!
By ATXuser on 2/4/2017
Easy to install and works perfectly! Compared to the name brand GE, it works just as good if not better. I've only had it for over a week so time will tell. Overall very pleased with this purchase....... First purchase was January 2017 and its time to replace it so I'm buying it again today [Aug. 20, 2017]. Great product and a great price.
Fits well, works well.
By Josh on 1/31/2017
There is a distinct taste difference between this within my fridge and the tap water. I haven't had anything tested but I believe it is doing it's job. Fit perfectly and have had it in there for a couple months now.
By LS on 1/19/2017
Works as advertised.
By Philip on 1/16/2017
Received in a timely fashion. Installed with no problem in my old (about 15 yo) GE side by side refrigerator. No leaks. Doesn't come with the "align arrows" but by just rotating it 90ŒÁ CCW it went right in. Water comes out full stream and without any discoloration. I did fill the filter with tap water before installing so there was no chattering. No modifications needed. Gotta love the price.
Just as good as the GE brand!
By Pranam on 1/11/2017
Bought this as a replacement for our GE fridge because we did not want to spend an obnoxious amount of money for a water filter. It is exactly what it was intended for, it fits right and was EASY to install yourself. Literally unscrew the other one and plug this one in. It spurts out a little bit of water the first time you use the water function on the fridge, so be ready for that (we weren't and it was pretty funny). Definitely will be back in 6 months to order a new one!

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